IT Action offers a suite of comprehensive, web-based and AS/400 solutions for the apparel, footwear and sewn products industries. Fully integrated, our product line includes modules to address every facet of the business and production management cycle.


Whether your business is retail, wholesale, distribution, mail order, or eCommerce, I.T. Action has the integrated support solution you need to run, improve, and grow your apparel business.

Xpress Suites™

A full suite of management tools that automate and enhance critical operations such as order processing and production for the apparel and sewn products industries. Xpress Suites™ is constructed in a modular fashion, so you only purchase the modules you plan on using.

If your needs change in the future, then you can purchase the new modules as needed. No major changes will be done to your system while implementing upgrades.


Our flagship solution for manufacturers who already own an enterprise solution. Web-based, easy to use, and easy to implement. Connect your outside sales representatives to your enterprise data for order entry,

product availability, customer information and product details. integrate with your existing ERP system to accept orders using your business rules.


ERPXpress™ offers the flexibility to run all types of companies. Whether they manufacture or import, produce private label or branded merchandise, or sell to big box retailers or specialty stores. ERPXpress™ is a proven system that delivers many significant benefits including better work flow, higher profitability, reduced costs, superior customer service,

fewer lost sales, improved inventory turns and exceptional visibility into the entire enterprise. It comes with hundreds of configurable reports, a powerful report writing tool, an executive dashboard, and many other functions that help many companies manage their business every day.


Instantly connect your buyers, reps, and showrooms.

B2BXpress™ is an ERP extension enabling global commerce through collaborative portals between an enterprise, its vendors and customers, that reduces the costs and increases the quality of trade by providing

visibility to price and quality, disseminating purchase orders, monitoring transactions, verifying compliance requirements, processing shipments, and reducing costs.


Our proprietary open architecture and best-in-class technology partners form the foundation of our flexible and scalable system which is constantly upgraded to stay ahead of competition. eComXpress™ has a cutting-edge interactive front-end platform and sophisticated merchandising and promotion tools to integrate customer service management and real-time business intelligence.

eComXpress™ is built and optimized for developing retail or department store ecommerce sites for the apparel, footwear, and sewn products industries.

Our apparel storefront solutions leverage the expertise we acquired through building numerous ecommerce sites with leading and emerging apparel brands over the years. Apparel retailers are not locked into rigid “cookie-cutter” design templates that do not appropriately represent the retailer’s brand or can only be changed by the ecommerce vendor. Instead eComXpress™ provides ready-made and self-service access to interactive features seen on the most popular sites without the associated development cost. The solution can be quickly customized to achieve highly custom look and feel without a hefty price tag.


Hundreds of the world’s leading agencies use Worksuite to collaborate on client projects, manage accounts, billing, and handle their internal communication, all in one place.

Online and mobile, Worksuit’s flexibility makes it the perfect fit for the different roles and workstyles at your agency.

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